Preserving the Dynamic Web

An IMLS funded project to build a production-ready tool that enables systematic collection & preservation of dynamic websites.

Our approach

We knit together open source tools to help you archive dynamic web apps across technologies and domains!!

Our workflow described in text below

1. Make an initial capture of your app with ReproZip

Using ReproZip, you can capture all the server-side assets in your web app.

2. Upload the RPZ bundle to ReproServer

ReproServer is where we do the front-end asset archiving, because it can take a long time depending on the app!

3. Click the "web capture" button & follow the wizard!

You can choose automatic or manual web capture.

4. Download the resulting RPZ bundle, which contains a WACZ!

You can then replay it within ReproServer, and then deposit the RPZ into a repository!

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